hello, i'm chris

Here is what you need to know

Hello, my name is Christopher (Chris) Cooke and I am a wedding and event photographer based out of New Braunfels, Texas. I started shooting in 2005 while working a day job and in 2006 I started doing photography full time. Since then I have photographed over 450 weddings in 11 states and I believe I have seen it all when it comes to weddings. Over the years I have learned to anticipate the unexpected, to look for the little moments, and to deliver great images.


I have definitely scaled back my business but its for good reason. I want to make sure I keep my clients happy and feeling like they matter to me. I don't take every wedding that comes into my inbox. I don't photograph newborns or birthday parties (unless they are pretty epic). When I go to a shoot I am going to be excited and full of creative energy, NOT looking at your shoot like a bunch of numbers.

My specialties are weddings, engagements, elopements, and senior portraits. I enjoy food photography as well, but that's a case by case basis. There are plenty of other photographers for the other stuff and I am happy to help you find that someone who will be a perfect fit. However if you want a photographer who is going to value your time and business you are in the right place. If you want a photographer your groom is going to actually enjoy taking photos with, you found your guy.

Send me a message and chat about what I can do for you!



What do you get from me

When you hire me as a second or an associate photographer you get:
1. Almost 20 years of primary wedding photography experience

2. A camera bag full of professional gear. Primes, Zooms, High ISO Capable cameras, Off Camera Flash, etc.
3. A Chameleon. I can shoot and adapt to almost any style. Light and Airy, Backlit, Natural Light, Photo Journalistic, etc. Your Style is my style.

4. Eyes in the Back of your head. I capture what you don't see while you are getting the "must haves". Finding moments to add to the story is the best reason to have a second photographer.

5. I expect and adapt to the unexpected. Weddings can be unpredictable. I can help you and your clients keep the party going.

6. Cat herding skills. I have a strong voice that carries through a venue. I will take your family photo list and make your life easier. I also have a proven method for table shots. My record is 15 tables in 8 minutes!

Second Shooting

$60 per hour

Minimum 4 hours
All images belong to primary

I shoot on your cards and hand them over at the end of the event.

assisting/second shooting/ family wrangling.

Im here to make your life easier

Associate shooting

$125 per hour

I shoot, you edit

4 hour minimum

I shoot for your brand

book the wedding as an associate wedding or hire me to cover an emergency.

delivery of all RAW images within 48 hours.



mentor sessions


6 hours of hands on wedding photography education. From marketing to engagement sessions, wedding day, and post wedding workflow. I help you get your business on track for success. Just because I don't want to deal with the business side Anymore doesn't mean i don't know a few things. :)